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Important Notice

The information in this website has been prepared by Sand Grove Capital Management LLP (“Sand Grove”) solely for the purpose of providing background information to sophisticated investors who are professional clients or eligible counterparties under the Rules of the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) and investors who are “accredited investors” and “qualified purchasers” as defined under the securities laws of the United States. For any other person the information within is deemed unsuitable and as such they should exit the website. This information is not intended to provide and should not be relied upon for accounting, legal or tax advice or investment recommendations. You should consult your tax, legal, accounting or other advisors about the issues discussed herein.

The information contained herein may not be reproduced, distributed or published for any purpose without the prior written consent of Sand Grove.  The trademarks, service marks and logos on the website are exclusive trademarks of Sand Grove Capital LLP.

Regulatory Disclosure

Sand Grove Capital LLP is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority,

Content of Website

The website is published solely for informational purposes and all content is based on sources believed to be reliable. No representation, warranty or undertaking, express or implied, is given as to the fairness, correctness, accuracy or completeness of the information or opinions contained in this website by any of Sand Grove, or its respective members, employees or affiliates (together “Sand Grove Parties”) and no liability is accepted by such persons for the accuracy or completeness of any such information or opinions, and nothing contained herein shall be relied upon as a promise or representation whether as to past or future performance. PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT A RELIABLE INDICATOR OF FUTURE PERFORMANCE. Opinions expressed herein may not be shared by all employees of Sand Grove and may be subject to change without notice.


This website is not intended, and must not be construed, as an offer of, or a solicitation of an offer to purchase, any investments in any jurisdiction where such offer or solicitation would be unlawful. In particular, this document is not intended as marketing of any fund in any member state of the European Economic Area (other than the United Kingdom) for the purposes of the Directive 2011/61/EU on Alternative Investment Fund Managers. This website is not intended for people in the United States or for the account of U.S. persons (as defined in Regulation S under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”)) except to persons who are “qualified purchasers” (as defined in the United States Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended (the “Company Act”)) and “accredited investors” (as defined in Rule 501(a) under the Securities Act). None of the Sand Grove entities are registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment adviser. The Fund is not, and will not be, registered under the Securities Act or the securities laws of any of the states of the United States and interests therein may not be offered, sold or delivered directly or indirectly into the United States, or to or for the account or benefit of any US person, except pursuant to an exemption from, or in a transaction not subject to, the registration requirements of such securities laws. The securities will be subject to restrictions on transferability and resale. The Fund will not be registered under the Company Act.

​All rights reserved, Sand Grove Capital Management LLP (2018).